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So Proud Card
Moxie Fabs, November/December 2008
Trace pattern onto noted colored cardstock

Christmas Tree Pail
Christmas Gifts for the Neighbors feature, November/December 2008
Download CHRISTMAS TREE PATTERN (PDF) Cut from Rockville Park paper

Matryoshka Doll Gift Card Holder
Gift Card Holders feature, November/December 2008
Download: MATRYOSHKA DOLL PATTERN (PDF) Cut 2 from Parakeet cardstock
BONNET: Cut 1 from Berrylicious cardstock
APRON: Cut 1 from Snowcone cardstock

Ornament Gift Card Holder
Gift Card Holders feature, November/December 2008
Download: ORNAMENT PATTERN (PDF) Cut 1 each from Crimson paper and white cardstock.
TAG: Cut 1 from white cardstock.
ORNAMENT TOP: Cut 1 from Crimson paper.
TOPPER: Cut 1 from Parakeet cardstock

Congratulations Card
Home Sweet Home feature, November 2008
Download HOUSE PATTERN (PDF) Cut from Lucky paper
DOOR: Cut from Birthday Girl Dots/Aqua paper; attach brad
HEART: Cut from Caterpillar Green Polka Dot paper
BIRD: Cut from Nightfall cardstock
TREE PATTERN: Cut from Check Him Out paper
CLOUD PATTERN: Cut from Vanilla Cream cardstock

We've Moved Card
Home Sweet Home feature, November 2008
Download HOUSE PATTERN (PDF)Cut from cardboard

Argyle Gift Card Stocking
Gift Card Holders feature, November/December 2008
Download STOCKING PATTERN (PDF) Cut 1 each from argyle paper and cardstock

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thank you but i got it to work
ok guys thanks but i got it to work, thank you tho, i just had to try it a few times and then finally it worked
Cardstock conversion chart
I cant get it to work nor can i use the link another member posted, says its not available no more, so could someone send it to me please
8 1/2 - 11 Cardstock Conversion Chart
I forgot to mention that I can't get the directions to copy. I'm sorry I missed saying this part. Thank you. lovesivy1
8 1/2 - 11 Cardstock Conversion Chart
I have not been able to copy this conversion chart. Can anyone out there send it to me please. I would be very qrateful.
Thank You Peaches!
Thank you so much for the link Peaches! You're a sweetie to post this info for all of us! I then copied the instructions posted here to a file in my Notepad & referenced that in my download file notes just in case I forget how to use this. I had thought the "directions" would be with the Chart but couldn't find it. But thanks to Paper Crafts Mag for a Great tool! I'm sure it will come in very handy!
Conversion Chart Download Link
ANOTHER THANK YOU! Copied the link & it worked like a charm!
Thank You!
Thanks Peaches, it worked for me! Very easy with the link.
Conversion Chart Download here is link
I figured out the link for the conversion chart. This should work for the download.
Still missing download
Okay, I am also interested in this conversion chart; a valuable item for the avid stamper. Is Kathy Smith no longer with Paper Crafts? It is quite evident that the magazine has a significant number of readers; do you not want to maintain your readership? It can't be that difficult to fix this download. I love the magazine; I have purchased all the hard copies but I appreciate the online version as well. Please support your readers who have been repeatedly asking for the download version of the conversion chart. I know all of us appreciate your time and consideration.
Missing Download
Hi, I understand I'm supposed to send this comment to The 81/2 x 11 Cardstock Conversion Chart isn't available for download and hasn't been for some time even though I see several requests for it in the comments. I have the Nov/Dec issue of the magazine but you can't read it there either because it's an online bonus. PLEASE fix this download! I realize you are probably very busy yet it looks very helpful and your readers are repeatedly asking for it. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Still not available
This was still not available, so I copied the text and the chart and put them into a draw document. Time consuming - but savable. Nice help for crafting, esp. cards!
Are Nov/Dec downloads
no longer available? I keep getting an error message, "page not found."
I saw on other Downloads that the person to contact to fix this problem is Kathy Smith, Paper Crafts at She said to email her and she would fix these. Hope this helps (see comments under other downloads that had problems for her comments)
download links don't work
am wondering after all these comments re: same problem, if it will be corrected sometime soon? sure hope so!
Such great patterns - but can't download like it says I can?
Nov/Dec 2008
I cannot download patterns either why not
Why the link if no patterns?
If you no longer offer patterns from previous issues for download, please dont list them as available. It's frustrating. Thank you. And how long are patterns available anyway? I would think they always should be. I saved all the isues, and if I may not have needed a pattern two years ago, I may need one now - I should be able to download it. Please consider.
I am unable to download any of the patterns-this is very frustrating!
Cannot download patterns
I am receiving an error message each time I try to download a pattern. Someone was kind enough to post the actual link to download the peacock pattern. I am trying to download the matryoshka doll pattern. Is there a special trick? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am encountering this error message on all my attempts on all the patterns.......
Download URL
After swearing at broken links for a moment, I discovered the correct URL for the downloads should be So the correct link for the first download is Hope that helps some other frustrated folks!
Cannot get the downloads to print.....keep getting an error message !!!!!!! Hello.....are you there?
I am trying to get the So Proud Card pattern, it says it might be moved or renamed ??? I have been a subscriber of your mag. since 2004. Is there any way I can get this pattern? Thank you
Has anyone gotten this download to work?!
Your links do not appear to be working. I keep getting an error message page not found. I'd like to get the patterns but it doesn't seem to be working.


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