Sewing machines

Sewing machines

Postby mom2ruby on Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:44 am

I think I'm getting a sewing machine for my birthday at the end of the month (courtesy of Mom). Trouble is, I haven't used one since 6th grade Home Eq. I will mainly be using it on cards and LOs - certainly not practical things like fixing ripped seams and repairing button holes! :)
What do you wise, 'craft-ladies' recommend? I know that I want it easy to use, 8-10 different stitches max would probably be fine, no embroidery in my future, and I need help like asap.

I'm diligently doing my research since it's going to be a gift, but a lot of the blogs/scrapbook sites out there don't have any (useful) information. Or, if you have seen other links, blogs, or sites that might better help me make a decision, your expertise is greatly appreciated.
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