Card Creations, Volume 7: Patterns













Joy Noel Peace Card (p. 122)

Designer: Alice Golden

Instructions: Open the download and size according to preference. Then print.



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Having trouble finding the sentiment download
Hello, I really love your magazine, and was looking forward to downloading the sentiments, but am having trouble finding them this time. Can you please let me know where I can find them for download? Thank you!
Card Creations, Volume 7
Card Creations, Volume 7 is one of our special issues, so it can only be bought on the newsstand or through our online store. If you're interested in buying it online, here's a link to our online store: Hope this helps! Kelly
Card Creations Magazine
How do I subsribe to Card Creations magazine ?
On pg 122 on the joy noel peace card, it says in the designer tip that you can download this card's design on the website. I couldn't find it or the sentiments in the back that said you could download them. All I found was these patterns. Am I missing something. Thanks
Order Card Creations
If you would like to order Card Creations, Volume 7, please visit this link:
card creations vol 7
how do I order card creations vol 7
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