Card Design Handbook Glossary

Download and print this resource for inspiration when making cards.


Download the Glossary of Design PDF here.

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not thatnthencomment as REQUIRED... it just felt compelled and I felt cranky...maybe too much
I deeply appreciate the gift, but why do you feel you have to extort a comment in order for me to get it? I would have commented willingly
Card Design Handbook
Great information. I have the ideas and they look just OK, now they will REALLY look great. Thanks.
Thanks so much for the Card Design Handbook Glossary! The cards look fab and I'm looking forward to using this resource when I'm making cards!
Thank You
I love all the information, and the examples of the cards to go along with them. Thanks
Thank you for this valuable resource.
What a great resource, thanks so much.
I think the part I like most of balance is the concept of white space. I tend to forget that one and then wonder why things look too busy sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!!
Gallon/Quart/Pint I hadn't heard of this before. I've just started card crafting and this makes so much sense, so does the rest of the information. Thank you so much!!
I really appreciate having this glossary. Thank you.
I am Excited about the Handbook..
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