DIY Light Tent

DIY Light Tent

It's been said that lighting makes or breaks the shot, and natural light isn't always available when you want to capture a photo of your paper crafted masterpiece. All you need is a few items from your local home improvement store and you'll have everything you need to build your own light tent. The basic design is adaptable, and can be easily dismantled for storage.


Supply list:

1/2" PVC pipe in pre-cut 24" length (12 pieces)

1/2" street elbows, unthreaded (8 pieces)

1/2" T connectors, unthreaded (8 pieces)

Clamp-on utility lamp (2 each)

GE Reveal spotlight bulbs, 75 watt (2 each)

Full or queen flat sheet, white (1 each)


Assemble frame according to diagram. Cut or rip sheet in half lengthwise. Lay strips over frame, crossing sections to cover all openings except the front. Attach lamps to side of light tent and use as needed when natural light isn't available. Caution: lamps get very hot, so never leave them unattended or allow them to touch the sheets.


light tent

Download jpeg version here.

Download pdf version here.



Download jpeg version here.

Download pdf version here.

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Wow looks easy
Easy since DH will do pvc stuff for me and i will lay sheet over it LOL wish i had read this on time as I have already made 2 from cardboard at a half day each.m not easy to make it stable either. Thanks, will make this for the 3rd one.
Wonder where the yellow went?
Incandescent light bulbs are notorious for yellowish color cast. Solution: Set your camera white balance for incandescent lighting or else use daylight rated bulbs or daylight LED bulbs. If it is already too late to do that, correct the color in Photoshop or other image processing software.
Light tent
Does anyone else get a yellow background? I used a white sheet and the lights cause it to turn yellow. Any suggestions?
light tent
I have a You Tube video I made last year using pipe.. it's here... I love it! It works great... mine will fold up...
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