Digital Account Setup Instructions

Follow the steps in this PDF to create your digital account for Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking. Note: Instructions say Paper Crafts but are valid for Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking as well.

Click here for PDF.

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I subscribed to Papercraft and Scrapbooking Magazine for my friend and I last year. I have not received any of the magazines. I subscribed for print and I received an email saying that I was going to receive digital after I subcribed. I am not fond of digital subscriptions. I would like to get print subscription. If I cannot get a print subscription, I would like to be reimbursed, please. Thank you. Sincerely, Glori Longworth
Dislike Digital
Not able to get into my account nor access digital. Guess will call customer service tomorrow. Forgot I even had a subscription until got a notice today that It will be automatically renewed unless I make contact. Not going to let that happen. I paid for paper and do not like digital.
O no, this is not what I expected. Lousy!! Getting my money back!!
Difficult Login System - Want Paper Mag back
This site is very unfriendly to log into and is very frusterating. We loved the magazine in print and wish for more money it could have been an ongoing option. I keep the pages I want for crafting reference and ideas. Now, I have to struggle to get in and look at one issue and waste my ink etc. I won't subscribe again. They have lost my business. Also, changed this format in the middle of the year which was unfair and seemed wrong.
Not Happy
Along with everyone else who has expressed their dissatisfaction with the new magazine I would like to add that I signed up for a subscription to a PAPER magazine about PAPERCRAFTING and CARDMAKING *not* SCRAPBOOKING! I bought a gift subscription for my mother years ago and have renewed every year but not this year... she doesn't even have a computer! I do not know how your company can legally do this "bait & switch" and get away with it.
Not happy with digital
Finally had time to go on line to view digital edition. After multiply time, gave up. Would love refund for balance of subscription!
Can't access
I would like my money back. Since you have gone "digital" I have not been able to view and acccording to my records, I have until May of 2014. I would like a refund for issues that I have not been able to get or will get.
Missing my Escape
I agree with everyone else. I hate being forced to go digital with everything in life these days. I was always excited to receive my new issues in the mail and save them for my "me" time. It was a break from the computer at work and at home. I loved taking my magazine with me on trips or just to sit out on the back porch. I don't like the NEW YOU. I don't have a Smart Phone or a tablet and can barely get a turn on the computer/lap top at home with a family of 5. This is all too complicated and just a sign of the times. Everyone is for
Missing my Escape
I agree with everyone else. I hate being forced to go digital with everything in life these days. I was always excited to receive my new issues in the mail and save them for my "me" time. It was a break from the computer at work and at home. I loved taking my magazine with me on trips or just to sit out on the back porch. I don't like the NEW YOU. I don't have a Smart Phone or a tablet and can barely get a turn on the computer/lap top at home with a family of 5. This is all too complicated and just a sign of the times. Everyone is for
Hate Digital Too
I hate the fact that I am not able to get into previous issues once the new issue comes out. I have a PDF file but there are NO SUPPLIES lists in that version. I'm going to let my subscription run out too if I can't look at old magazines.
Hate digital
I hate that you went digital and I hope after reading so many negative comments you will go back to the printed copy. I will not be renewing my subscription! So very disappointed with this.
Hate Digital
I agree with the previous comments about the digital edition of this magazine. I hate digital, and I will never, ever subscribe again. Your magazine was my favorite of all the paper crafting magazines, and I am so disappointed that the paper issue is no longer available.
liked paper issue
I really liked the paper issue. I could take it with me to work and flip through it during lunch. I don't have internet at home, just at work, so only get to spend a few minutes on it. I am very disappointed in not having a paper issue. Also, I would set the magazine in front of me when I was crafting.
Very unhappy with digital magazine
This is rediculous! Paper Crafts was my favorite magaizne and I wnat my paper copy back! Can't even set up acoount much less download the magzine. I hate digital maazines so I do not want to have one. I will never renew my subscription unless you return to the printed version. You have a lot of very unhappy readers juding by all he negative comments. So I hope you take notice!
digital magazine
I am very disappointed in the fact that I will not receive a paper magazine. I was promised more frequent copies only to be frustrated by the fact that I cannot access any of them. I am glad that I only have 4 more months of your publication - at least I didn't lose ALL my money!!!! Very sad.
Paper VS Digital
I'm a digital person but hate digital magazines. I would never have purchased a subscription if I knew I would have no choice but reading the magazine online. I will not renew my subscription unless there is a paper option!!! The same for my Creating Keepsakes issue as well.
Access to January Digital Issue
Very Sad to read about ALL the complaints in getting the subscription downloaded. I have sent email regarding access and created profile. And still I cannot download the January Issue to read offline. Very Sad day.
Unable to access
I am having the same issues with accessing the digital magazine. Would also like to go back to paper magazine!!!!
This stinks!
If I had wanted a digital subscription, I would have paid for one! I have nerve damage. I can only go online once a week. I will not renew my subscription, unless it is converted back to paper as an option. I purchase many magazines. I will spend my money on a company that cares about the needs of its readers, and not just its financial gains!!!!!!
What is the issue
I have never gotten a mag on line but I thought I would give it a try. you cant even keep track of my info. I had to reregister to even get into the site. I would also like my money back!
Problem getting to these digital issues
Just take every comment that has been sent to you and add my name, because I am having the same problems as everybody else!!! This is B__L S__T!!!!!!!
I also hate this
I want my paper back Can't do anything on this new system give me back my money please
digital awfulness
I like only the magazines. I have every issue you ever put out. : ( Now I can't get into January. I have done it all right and was into February earlier today but not now. You need to get this fixed or just close down and forget all the customers who supported you for years.
unable to access
I was given a subscription to your magazine. I have set up an account but am unable to access it. I am not crazy about digital magazines especially when nothing works. Dislike!!!!
Can't get the Janurary Issue
I was able to access the Feb. issue but not the Jan. issue.
digital downloads don't work
Signed up for digital subscription. Tried 3 times. Didn't work. Downloads won't work either. Hope I don't get charged 3 times for subscription.
Digital Issues Do Not Work
Neither the January or February digital issues will download. I have an account. Nothing happens but a blank page! Please fix!
Hang in there
I had to enter my email and create a password seperately on three totally separate screens BEFORE it let me into the magazine. The FAQ's walked me through it after a dozen of trys!
Digital Gift
I was given a digital subscription, followed all set up directions, forgot my password, retrieved it a nd now get the message that I don`t have an account. WHAT THE HECK?!
Frustrated Too
I have not been able to access my "digital" subscription either. I have emailed 2 times to get it fixed and I can't go to and see any past issues. I am not happy with this new system and miss the printed copy! It says that my email address isn't valid.
I have not been able to access either of my magazine subscriptions since they went digital. It states my accounts are linked to another account! Funny I can't see either of them and always get kicked out of the set up digital account screen. I want my magazine to flip through the pages. I already spend 8 hours a day on a computer for work. Grrrr......
I can't access my paid subscription... It keeps saying my email isn't valid and I have the email with my paid subscription, email and password confirmation
Website not user friendly
I am very disappointed that you do not mail the magazine anymore. The website is not user friendly. I have had to sign in multiple times w/ no success. Couldn't change email address. Contact email doesn't go anywhere. I want to view the Jan 2014 magazine and can't get to it.
Cannot view old or new issues!
How do I contact someone? Sent an email, no reply. I can't view ANYTHING!
Cannot view magazine.
I have been trying to set this up for a month. Did it over and over. Don't understand why this is such a pain to do. I cannot get the magazine. Hate this process. I want the magazine mailed.
can't view issue
I hate this whole process, I have set this up now 3 times and I still can't see the issue. Just mail it to me.
back issues
I am trying to access the Jan/Feb. digital issue and do not see how. I only get bonus projects, etc. but cannot browse the issue. Can you help?
Major frustration
I thought I had my account linked to the new digital issues, but I'm unable to view anything. MAJOR frustration. Help!
accessing copy
I too was having a big problem signing in and it would put me in a loop. just by accident I saw that I was signed in and then I clicked "access digital edition" up in the right hand corner of the screen. signed in again and it came right up. don't know if that is truly the answer but it worked this time.
digital password
I set this up and I too cannot access. I hate the digital copy. Had I known this I would NOT have renewed. Hate your new style.
digital password not being accepted
I set up my digital password but it is not being accepted. I even tried my "old" password but that is not being accepted. Please let me know if my attempt to sign up for the digital account did not go through or what the problem could be. Thank you.
Going digital
I am really unhappy with this change to digital only issues. I would not have renewed my subscription, which runs until August 2015 if I had known about this change. I really like having a physical copy to use as a reference when I'm looking for inspiration from old copies. I don't want to take up my computer memory with downloads or have to print out volumes of paper. Yes, I'm old fashioned but there is something to say for the printed word plus I like to be unfettered from a computer sometimes.
Here are some instructions for accessing Digital copy
If your account is linked, select "customer dashboard" left side of screen click on account number on the screen "your account and subscription information" scroll down and click on "Set up your digital password!" Next screen "Update account media type" create and confirm new password, click submit You should be able to access digital mag. Good Luck!
Cannot access digital copy
I have the same problem as everyone else. I have set up a digital account, but when I try to access it I am told that my user name or password doesn't exist. I am paid thru June of 2014. I have to say that I was really sad that you were going to digital copies only and if this is the way it's going to be, I won't be renewing.
Cannot access digital copy
When I try to access the digital copy, I get a message: you don't have adobe flash player installed. I do have the current version of it. I could access Creating Keepsakes; why can't I get Paper Crafts?
Don't give up!
Don't give up ladies! The blog post introducing the January issue directs people to email if they're having problems. Hang in there! :)
Digital account
Cannot access new issue even though I created a digital account.
Digital Account
I'm having a problem accessing my digital account. My subscription expires in Dec17. It says my account does not exist.
Digital Account
As everyone else, I also can not access the new Paper Crafts Digital Magazine. I too have been a subscriber for years. And also I'm paid thru 2015. I did subscribe as they instructed. But to no avail. Please help!
Digital Account
The digital account is different than your regualr account. I had no problem re-accessing it. Good Luck :)
digital copy
I have exactly the same problem. I set up my digital account when first notified. When I try to access I am told my account doesn't exist. I am also paid thru Aug 2014. Have tried cust serv - no reply
digital copy
yeah i have the same issue i nhave my subcription paid until April 2015 i took me 3 month to get fix i sent email none respond back and sad very poor customer service i what i did i have to enter my account number i put like i forgot password reset and them create a account them it work ut sadly the customer service wont help you or sent you any info
Digital Copy
I have been trying to access my copy, which I have set up my digital copy acct. back in October, when you announced the changes, and now it says I don't have one, I tried setting it up again and says it's already linked, I'm so disappointed right now. I have a paid subscription until 2017, and I can't access it. I'm feeling so sad. Can you fix this problem?
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