November/December Editor's Note Projects

November/December Editor's Note Projects

Paper Ornaments

By Jennifer Schaerer


SUPPLIES: Cardstock: (green, brown)  Patterned paper: (green, brown)  Accents: (brown buttons, pink buttons, silver brads)  Fibers: (light pink ribbon, dark pink ribbon, dark pink floss)  Tool: (¼" hole punch) Other: (embroidery hoop)


Large ornament:

1. Trim fifteen 12" x ¾" strips of cardstock or patterned paper.

2. Pierce hole in one end of each strip; gather strips with holes aligned.

3. Attach brad through holes; fan strips into circle.

4. Punch hole in end of each strip; gather strips to form ball with holes aligned.

5. Thread button with 36" length of floss so button is in middle of strand; insert ends of floss through holes from underside.

6. Thread button using floss on top of holes; tie to secure.

7. Adhere loops of ribbon and patterned paper to top of ornament.


Medium ornaments:

1. Trim thirteen 9" x ½" strips of cardstock or patterned paper for each ornament.

2. Repeat steps 2 - 7 above.


Small ornaments:

1. Trim twelve 6" x ½" strips of cardstock or patterned paper for each ornament.

2. Repeat steps 2 - 7 above.


Trim strips of cardstock or paper; adhere to outside of larger (outer) embroidery hoop. Tie ends of floss holding ornaments to smaller (inner) embroidery hoop. Adjust length of each ornament as desired. Secure outer hoop over inner hoop. Tie additional floss to hoop for hanging as needed.


JOY Letters

By Ellen March



Note: Supplies listed are enough to make one 12"x14" letter. 

  • Purchased wooden letter (See "Sources.")
  • Fat quarter (or 18"x22" rectangle of fabric)
  • 14" square of high-loft batting
  • Package of jumbo rickrack
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Staple gun & staples (optional)



Position the letter right side facing the batting square. Trace the letter shape onto the batting (1); cut out. Using a glue gun and glue stick (2), adhere the batting to the letter right side (3).

Position the letter batting side down over the fat quarter wrong side (4). Trace the letter 1" to 2" beyond the shape (5).

Position the fabric wrong side facing the batting. Clip the fabric at the letter curves up to the letter (6, 7), if applicable. If using a staple gun, staple the fabric edges to the letter wrong side every 3". Or glue the fabric edges in place (8); let dry.

Wrap the fabric edges tightly around the letter edges, creating "hospital corners" at each corner (10 through 12). Note: Some letter corners and curves won't be covered when wrapped tightly around the letter edge. Don't fret; the rickrack will conceal any imperfections.

Position one rickrack end along the letter wrong side lower edge; glue the end in place (13). Run a bead of glue along the letter edge. Glue the rickrack center in place, concealing any exposed wood edges and/or corners (14a, 14b). Conceal the opposite rickrack end along the letter wrong side, overlapping the rickrack starting point.

Glue the rickrack curves to the letter right and wrong side (15).



JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores carries Darice 12" wood letters: (888) 739-4120,

Michael Miller Fabrics supplied the Spice Tiny Trees fabric: (212) 704-0774,

Millers Dry Goods supplied the jumbo rickrack: (330) 893-9899,


More Merry Projects

If you love these projects, you'll find more festive creations in the November/December 2010 issue of Paper Crafts magazine.

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Love these fabric covered letters. I going to use this technique to cover letters for my name for my craft room. Thanks for sharing!
I love the christmas ornaments
I am going to try and make these ornaments they will look good in my special room!
I Love These
I am going to give those cute x-mas ornaments a try. I think they are so cute and they sound super easy to make too. Thanks for the great idea.
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