Published in Paper Crafts Magazine

So, You're Being Published in Paper Crafts Magazine...


Once you've overcome the overwhelming joy of knowing you'll be published

  • Yay! Share your news on social media! Just don't share an image of the project.
  • If you are unsure which project the editor has requested, send her an email with images of the project(s) in question. Better to verify than send the wrong project.
  • Get things ready to go.

Preparing Your Supply Lists

  • For Name of Project, use the name that was used in your acceptance email.
  • List every item that you used on the project by following the supply list document.
  • Be detailed with your product list. More information is better than less.
  • Verify the official name of the product online. Share a link if it's hard to find.
  • If you accidentally used a product that is retired, suggest an alternate.
  • If a certain product is yet unreleased, let us know when it is expected to be released by the manufacturer.
  • Create a separate document for each project (.doc, .docx, or PDF).
  • You do not need to provide a photograph of your project(s).
  • Label each document like this: Festive Christmas Banner Card - Jane Doe
  • Email supply list and instruction document(s) to Susan R. Opel at before the established deadline.


  • If your project requires a pattern, please create a computer generated or hand drawn pattern/template with all dimensions labeled clearly. If hand drawn, please use a fine-tip black marker and make sure all lines are clearly visible. Whenever possible, send a full size pattern, but if the pattern is not full size, indicate scale.
  • Send a hard copy of the pattern/template with your project as well as a PDF via email to Susan R. Opel at


Your agreement is a binding document - to receive payment, it is necessary to do the following:

  • One agreement per issue - list all projects (by name) on the line.
  • Fill out completely and sign.
  • Include your complete address.
  • Send a hard copy of your agreement with your project(s).
  • Complete a W-9 Form (US residents) or W-8 form (international residents) per Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).

W-9 (or W-8)

  • If you have questions about filling out your W-8 or W-9, contact Ahtanya Johnson at
  • Send a hard copy of your W-8 or W-9 with your project(s).

You have a new address

Preparing Your Package for Shipment

  • Flatten projects that can be flattened (like pillow boxes and gift bags).
  • Don't send food, liquid, or anything that will melt unless you are asked to.
  • Use clear plastic zipper bags for your projects.
  • Label each project with your name and address in an inconspicuous spot (usually the back or bottom).
  • Indicate Y if you want your project back and N if you don't.
  • Carefully package up your creation(s)! Use tape, but you don't have to make it bulletproof!

At the Post Office/Shipment Center

  • Get that package WELL on its way before the deadline. Late projects may result in reduced payment.
  • Get a tracking number and hold onto it.
  • Be sure to use sufficient postage - with the changes in postal rates, we've received quite a few packages with insufficient postage. The danger lies in the fact that your package may be detained and not reach us in time.

Here comes the issue!

  • The on sale date is noted on your agreement document.
  • Don't see your project in the paper issue? It's in the digital issue, then.
  • You may share one image on your blog once the issue is officially on sale as long as you include a link to the issue in our online store or to the sneak peek on our web site.

Other things of note

Non-US residents: due to recently implemented U.S. shipping charges, projects that you would like to be returned will be mailed to you (with a complimentary paper copy of the issue) every three months (quarterly). For any issue in which you are published, we will grant you access to the corresponding digital issue (since we know how excited you'll be to see it!). By doing this, we can wisely use our revenue to bring you more of your favorite magazine!


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